Weekly Fall Foliage Reports Underway

Our Weekly Fall Foliage Reports and Updates Are Underway

The Great Smoky Mountains Guide have started our weekly fall foliage reports and update for the 2016 fall foliage season. The color changes have begun in the Great Smoky Mountains in the highest elevations. We are here to help you keep up to date on where and when to go to see the colorful show. We have started to update out Fall Foliage page on the web site at least once a week. The longer nights, cooler nighttime temperatures and the nice sunny days are just perfect.

fall foliage 150x150 Weekly Fall Foliage Reports Underway

Great Smoky Mountains Weekly Fall Foliage Reports and Updates 2016

The trees that change before most other trees are Yellow Birch, American Birch and Witch Hobble. Then others follow like the Red Maple, Buckeyes, Sourwood, Sumac and Pin Cherry trees. The colors of the fall foliage season that make such a vibrant array of colors include reds, yellow, golds, maroon, and orange. Different trees are prone to certain colors when the process takes place each autumn. Black gum, dogwood and sourwood trees take on a deep red color. Poplar trees and ash trees give off the bright yellow color. Oak trees turn a russet and maroon color. Red maple trees turn yellow, maroon and red colors. The beech and sassafras trees produce an orange color. With so many different types of trees, no wonder there is such a wide range of color during the fall foliage season in the Great Smoky Mountains. And to add even more color is the autumn wildflowers that cover the ground.

Make sure to check back often on our Fall Foliage page to find out when and where to go to see the best display of colors and when peak colors are taking place. But with all the different elevations and the millions of acres in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there will always be somewhere to see a splendid show of color during October.

favicon Weekly Fall Foliage Reports Underway