Train Derailment and Evacuation Near Maryville

Train Derailment and Evacuation of Maryville Residents in Tennessee

A CSX train derailed late Thursday night close to midnight near the town of Maryville, TN. The train was carrying the hazardous material liquid acrylonitrile. Fore and smoke could be seen for miles. Local officials had to evacuate thousands from a two-mile radius. Firefighters were not able to get close to the fire due to the heat and toxic fumes. The dangerous liquid chemical if inhaled can cause headaches, dizziness, and a rapid heart rate. The area hospital has treated many people for breathing related conditions, skin irritation and nausea. A few first responders
where treated for breathing in the fumes. But there have been no life threatening injuries. The train that derailed was traveling through East Tennessee after leaving Cincinnati and going to Waycross, Georgia. The accident is under investigation by the Federal Railroad Administration and there are hazmat inspectors at the site.


 Train Derailment and Evacuation Near Maryville

Maryville, TN
Train Derailment and Evacuation

About 5000 people had to be evacuated from their homes during the night. Officials had to knock on doors and awaken nearby resident. The high school as been setup for evacuees. The evacuation  will be at least 24 hours and possibly 48 hours before people can return. Those evacuated are being placed in hotels and will be provided reimbursement. Gift cards for food and other needed items will be given out to those who need them. Officials are also asking people not to drink well water until the water is tested for possible contamination. Bottled water is being provided at a local school.



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