Talk of NC and TN to Fund Reopening of GSMNP

With reports of more than $33 million being lost from tourism in North Carolina and Tennessee due to the closure of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there is talk from officials from both states about what it would take to open the GSMNP. Other governors from across the US have funded the reopening of National Parks in there own states. The Department of Interior has stated that states can use their own funds to reopen parks. The cost of reopening the GSMNP would be split by NC and TC. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and NC Governor Pat McCrory are reportedly looking into the possibility. Both states are losing money due to the park closure. October is a very popular time of year for visitors to the GSMNP to see the fall foliage peak leaf colors.

favicon Talk of NC and TN to Fund Reopening of GSMNP