What is Harmon Den on I-40 Near NC/TN State Line?

Have You Ever Seen the Road Sign Harmon Den on I-40 in Great Smoky Mountains?

Have you ever been traveling on I-40 in the Great Smoky Mountains near the  North Carolina and Tennessee state line and seen the  sign Harmon Den? Did you  wonder  what it is?  If you take Exit 7 on I-40 and follow the signs you will discover it is a large horse campground with about 14 miles of designated  horse trails and facilities.  Harmon Den Horse Campground is located in North Carolina and is part of the Nation Forests in North Carolina.

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Harmon Den NC

The horse campground is within the Pisgah National Forest and offers many  miles of trails with beautiful mountain scenery. The area offers horse trails next to mountain streams and the occasional waterfall,  forest undergrowth and  forested mountain peaks and valleys. The wildlife is abundant and can be viewed including bear, deer, grouse and wild turkey. Harmon Den Horse Campground is open from May 1st, through October 31st each year. It is closed in the winter months due to winter weather conditions.

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Harmon Den in Winter and Snow

The horse campground has about 14 miles of horse trails and about 40 miles of hiking trials. There are also gated dirt forest roads open for riding horses. Roads and trailheads are marked with sign indicating their designated uses (hiking, horses, or vehicles). The level of difficulty of the trail is also designated on the signs. There are facilities at Harmon Den Horse Campground including well water, horse stalls, picnic tables, gravel tent pad, lantern post and parking.

For more information on Harmon Den Horse Campground Facility Details go to Harmon Den Horse Campground at www.recreation.gov



Horseback riding on trail in Harmon Den…

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