Great Smoky Mountains National Park Elkmont Synchronous Fireflies Viewing

Make plans to see this annual amazing Elkmont synchronous fireflies light show. Every year at Elkmont in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park there is a firefly viewing that is very popular and attracts thousands of spectators. In late May and early June synchronous fireflies or Photinus carolinus, a species of fireflies that live in the park provide a interesting show due to their mating pattern. This flash pattern unique to the type of firefly (also referred to by southerns as lighting bug) has a flash pattern that male and female fireflies of this species recognize and is part of their mating process.The flashing by the males are answered by the flashing of the female. The peak time for this annual mating season is in late May to mid June and last for about a 2 week period. The National Park Service each year has a viewing event where a shuttle service provides transportation to Elkmont Campgrounds.The event is so popular tickets are needed for the shuttle to Elkmont. The shuttle is the only way to gain access to the event unless one is a registered camper in the Elkmont Campgrounds.
From the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Website
“The firefly shuttles between Sugarlands Visitor Center and Elkmont will be running June 4-11, 2014. The reservation system at will open at 10:00 AM (Eastern Time) on April 30th.”
For more information please see National Park Service/Great Smoky Mountains/Synchronous Fireflies

Synchronous fireflies at Elkmont explained…

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