Bear Safety Urged by US Forest Service

Bear safety tips. It’s spring time and the bears are on the prowl looking for food. It is a known fact bears like to seek food in campgrounds going through trash cans or even tents and cars looking for food. If you life in a bear prone area never leave trash and garbage just lying around, the smell of the food can attract bears. Even backyard BBQ grills that have remnants of steak, chicken, fish or other grilled food can attract bears. If you are hiking or camping and you encounter a bear do not run. A bear can outrun and out climb humans. Make a lot of noise and wave your arms while backing away slowly. Do not get any closer. If attacked do not play dead but hit and fight back.

The U.S. Forest Service have received a few calls this year already of bear-related complaints.

Take a look at this bear looking for food in cars at Clingman’s Dome…

Most of these people where idiots!

favicon Bear Safety Urged by US Forest Service

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